Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to get setup with Center Strategy?

Timing depends on a few things. If your website we are rebuilding contains all accurate information we can get it done within 3-5 days. If the content needs to be updated, timing will depend on us receiving the new updated content from you. If we are building you a brand new site (if you don’t already have one) it can take a week or so 7-10 days depending if we have all of the content that needs to go in the new site from you. Overall, we can get your site done pretty quick if we have all information needed.

Can I keep my site with my current host?

No. You must move to us for us to be able to manage your site so it is compatible with our setup. During signup if transferring your domain to us you will be asked for an EPP CODE which is a transfer code that is needed to transfer your domain from your current registrar to us. See the FYI information on the right side of this page for more information about EPP CODES.

To use Center Strategy you are not required to transfer your domain to us. We can log in to your current domain registrar management area to control the DNS to where your site points. Most like to transfer their domains so only 1 billing system is needed for future domain renewals etc.. Since we are a domain registrar our automated system can handle the billing for your renewals if transferred to us.

How do I move to your hosting?

We will handle the entire process. We will ask you for certain logins associated with your current hosting environment and we will migrate your site to us at no additional charge.

Will I have email?

Yes. You can have as many email accounts as you need. We can set them up for you or you can tell us what email address needs to be setup and we will create it and email you a temporary password which can be changed by the user to their own password.

Can you move my email from my old host?

This depends on the type of hosting environment your site is currently using as well as how you have your email setup on your desktops or phones. We will ask these questions during the first phase of moving your account to us. We will put a plan of action together based on your answers to get your email all set up on our servers.

How much is your web hosting service?

Web hosting is included with your plan you choose with Center Strategy.

How do I get my weekly league standings on the website?

Most bowling centers use the BLS software for handling their leagues. There is a setting included in the BLS settings that allow you to upload leagues standing sheets (pdf) to a specific folder in your hosting directory. Our system lists whatever PDF files are in that folder. We will assist you in configuring your BLS software or any other software you may use that allows for uploading standing sheets to your website.

Will my site be secure?

Yes. All Center Strategy clients receive FREE yearly SSL certificates which means every page is always SECURE.

This means your site will always be using:

, FAQ’s, Websites for Bowling Centers - Center Strategy, Websites for Bowling Centers - Center Strategy

Will my site pull better with search engines?

Yes. We always build new sites while using the best SEO methods which helps your site pull better with your local customer base. We will also give you suggestions on other methods to help with your search results if we see anything lacking with your current site before we re-build your new site.

Can you manage our paid ads?

Yes. If you are currently running google ad words or Facebook / Instagram ads we can take those over for you. This is an add on to whichever service you choose with us and can be added at any time. We charge $79/month to handle it all for you. We create your ads and set the ads to run based on your instruction.


I don’t know about any of this stuff!

If that is the case simply contact us and we will do it ALL for you.

When moving to Center Strategy you need not worry about your site or email going down during the process. We have migrated hundreds of websites for clients through our 23 year history of hosting and managing websites for individuals & companies in the USA.

Website Service for Bowling Centers

, FAQ’s, Websites for Bowling Centers - Center Strategy, Websites for Bowling Centers - Center Strategy

Yes, it’s true!

You receive a completely custom built brand new website with both of our plans. NO upfront design / development fee.

We will rebuild your existing website and bring it up to modern pro standards. Your website will view perfectly on mobile devices. It will be 100% SECURE with our FREE SSL certificates provided by Center Strategy.

Your new site will be built with SEO (Search engine optimization) in mind to help pull better with the search engines.

FYI Information:

When you move to Center Strategy you will be transferring your existing domain to us. During this process you will need an EPP CODE which in normal terms is a transfer code from your existing domain registrar. This is available in your domain management area of your existing domain registrar website. If you are familiar with this you can unlock your domain and request your EPP CODE. Some domain registrar sites (GODADDY, etc..) give the code to you immediately and some email it to you. Once you have that you can sign up with us and choose transfer my existing domain during sign up and enter your EPP CODE.

If you have no idea about any of this you can simply contact us and we can do it all for you as well.

Payment Information

We accept all major credit cards. Our system is 100% automated and you will have access to your client area to manage your contact and billing information from our SECURE client portal.